Shaping tourism in Oman

CYR Adventures brings together a variety of talented experienced Omani guides to make sure your adventure is memorable. Our staff were hand picked for their passion of the outdoors and their desire to share it with visitors. The team's enthusiasm and knowledge enhances the experience and turns an average adventure into an unforgettable one.


Our Story

Mahmood Al Amri's passion for the outdoors started at a young age. "My start was in the path of Sidab Beach, where I used to go to it when I was 10 years old because it was located behind the house."

This sparked the his passion to explore Oman and the outdoors more. Years later, Mahmood started exploring the canyons and caves in Oman. And so his idea was born in 2016; why not share this side of Oman with others? 

The idea of CYR Adventures occurred to Mahmood with the aim to further explore the Sultanate as part of a strong team. The company officially formed in 2018 with the new team Haitham Al Hasani, Khalfan Al Abdali, Hilal Al Abri, and Mahmood Al Amri.



CYR has expanded since 2018 and the company runs many adventures throughout the Sultanate. The team has also been involved in exploring new locations for adventures in Oman. In addition, CYR is involved in many initiatives that are shaping the future of the tourism industry in Oman. 

Meet The Team